Judith, in her studio

The focus of my painting is the human psyche. I explore multidimensionality using oil and acrylic paints. In my work I explore consciousness, which is inclusive of the numinous, and the realms of shadow and darkness. I listen behind the mind and then allow the Intelligence of the unseen to express out the end of my hand. Painting is the most compelling thing I do because the process demands that I go deep and listen into the mystery of Creation. My intention is that my work resonates with truth, beauty and authenticity. For me painting is an act of celebration and worship and I do it because I have to.

Artist Statement

Judith Mariner is an artist working and living in Tucson, Arizona. Judith grew up in Phoenix during the “dark ages” of the 1950’s and survived. She attended the University of Arizona on full scholarship and has a B.A. in music performance. She has lived in Northern and Southern California, New Mexico and Europe. Judith’s primary life focus is philosophy, metaphysics and the multi-dimensionality of consciousness. Her work is investigative and fueled by awe, longing, and divine discontent, which she believes are the handmaidens of creation and evolution. Judith work exists primarily in private collections in Tucson and California. She in entirely self-taught and has been a guest working artist at the Drawing Studio in Tucson. Judith also taught watercolor, oil and drawing privately and at various Parks and Recreation centers while raising her two children as a single mom. Judith’s work in not easily categorized. She covers a range from landscape, portraits, psychological studies and abstracts.




PDF Resume, Judith Mariner